I’m Jamie Darville

The goal behind Vertiris is to produce high quality content on subjects that brings value to people.


In 2017 I finally decided to make the jump and  and incorporated my business in Montreal, Canada where I live.

Since I was young, the idea of entrepreneurship has always been something I always dreamed of.
Inevitably like most people I have been caught up in life and furthering my career, and put my dreams aside.

After fifteen years in the work force and building a successful career I’ve realized that this was never for me.

Enjoying life and spending time with loved ones is more important, and financial freedom is key to achieving this.


My Story

When I tell people my story they are often incredulous.

Originally born in the Bahamas, where my family on both sides is from for as far back as I can trace.
We uprooted and moved to Australia when I was two.

Now I live in Montreal, Canada and the usual question is WHY ARE YOU HERE??
Because I met my lovely wife Jessica here and wanted to stay.

Montreal is also an awesome city (not as awesome from January to March unless winter is your thing)

Since moving to Montreal in 2009 I’ve had to build my professional career again nearly from scratch.

Vertiris is simply my next phase and I hope you can join me while I produce quality material for you.