CBD Oil will be on every pharmacy shelf

April 30, 2018

The next great painkiller: CBD Oil

As someone who has suffered from recurring pain issues (tendinitis and torn/ damaged ligaments) and has regularly taken the full range of pain medication, from NSAID (Advil, Aleve) Opiate based (Codeine) and muscle relaxants.

Recently I decided that I wanted to try cannabis after thoroughly researching the topic and seeing that even doctors who are against full legalization of Cannabis will admit that there are therapeutic purposes for cannabis, especially CBD.

Since I began taking medicinal cannabis two months ago I think I’ve had to use Advil three times, prior to using CBD oil I would take Advil multiple times per week, which I knew was not good but needed it to get through my day.

While CBD oil is often cited as an alternative to opiates which has become a serious social issue in the last ten years, they aren’t often mentioned as a mainstream alternative to NSAID medication.
As you can see in the infographic below NSAID overdoses and deaths are nearly as high as opiates, this is not something the media frequently reports


As someone who has had an increase in my quality of life through CBD Oil, I’ve realized that one day once the social stigma of cannabis is removed that we will see CBD oil products in every pharmacy as competition to Advil, Tylenol etc.

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